Electrical Safety Certificate

Your Products In Compliance With The Right Regulations

Companies wishing to market electrical goods in Australia are bound by the Electricity Safety Act (1945), the Electricity Safety (Equipment Safety) Regulation, 1999, and the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2006 to establish safety of their products prior to sale.  Enforcement provisions stipulate the removal of any unsafe equipment from sale and recall of previously sold equipment for rectification or replacement, and the restriction of future sales.

Certification Body Australia is fully recognised by JAS-ANZ, NSW OFT and the Queensland Electrical Safety Office, EESS.

Certification Body Australia can assist with:

Mandatory Approvals

  • Applicable to 56 classes of electrical products classified as declared or prescribed articles – mainly common household and kitchen appliances, AC adaptors, plugs and power cords, etc.
  • Declared articles must comply with mandatory safety standards and must have a Certificate of Conformity. These products must display the RCM mark.


Voluntary Approvals

  • Applicable to all other electrical products not listed as declared or prescribed articles – included are most IT devices, audio video electronic products, air conditioners, all battery operated products, etc.
  • Products must be safe to use, comply with minimum safety requirements as set out in Electricity Safety (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2006 and AS/NZ 3820: 2009 Standard Essential safety requirements for low voltage electrical equipment, and can be granted a Certificate of Suitability (voluntary application).


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