07 Jun

Winter is here ! – have you checked your electric blanket for safety?

With the arrival of cooler nights, the electric blankets come out of the closet. Do you know if your electric blanket is still safe to use?

Is your blanket  more than 10 years old?

If so, best to replace it as over time the electrical components and wires will wear even if the cover looks good.

Is it a washable electric blanket?

If so please read the instructions carefully and make sure the blanket is fully dry before placing it on your bed and turning it on.

Before placing the blanket on your bed.

Turn the blanket on to ensure that it is in good working order. Check the wires for kinking and wear.

Do not sleep with the blanket on.

Children especially are prone to overheating if the blanket is left on overnight.

Are you using your electric blanket underneath an underlay/underblanket or mattress protector?

If so, check that the instructions allow this. Unless otherwise stated, all electric blankets should sit on top of underlays/mattress protectors. The undersurface of underlays/mattress protectors are not designed to take intense heat especially if they have a waterproof coating.

Check the Recalls website to see if there have been any recalls of electric blankets.

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