Electrical Safety Certificate

Your Products In Compliance With The Right Regulations

Companies wishing to market electrical goods in Australia (suppliers) are bound by the electrical safety regulations in each state, such as the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 and Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulations 2018 (NSW), the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and Electricity Safety Amendment (Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme) Act 2018 (VIC), and the Electricity Safety Act 2002 and Electrical Safety Regulations 2013 (QLD).

These Acts and Regulations require suppliers to establish safety of their products prior to sale. Enforcement provisions stipulate the removal of any unsafe equipment from sale and recall of previously sold equipment for rectification or replacement, and restriction of future sales.

Mandatory Approvals

  • Applicable to 56 classes of electrical products classified as declared or prescribed articles, or as level 3 equipment in AS/NZS 4417:2020 standard Regulatory compliance mark for electrical and electronic equipment – mainly common household and kitchen appliances, AC adaptor, plugs and power cords, etc.
  • Below is a list of electrical goods that the regulator refers to as Risk Level 3 or ‘declared articles’:Air conditioner incorporating flammable refrigerant
    Appliance connector
    Arc welding machine
    Bayonet lampholder
    Beauty care lamp
    Bread toaster
    Building wiring cable
    Clothes dryer
    Control or conditioning device
    Cooking appliance—portable type
    Cord extension socket
    Cord-line switch
    DC isolator
    Decorative lighting outfit
    Dishwashing machine
    Double capped light emitting semiconductor lamp
    Edison screw lampholder
    Electric hot water bottle
    Evaporative cooler
    Fence energizer
    Fluorescent lamp ballast
    Fluorescent lamp starter
    Glue gun
    Hair care appliance
    Hedge clipper
    Immersion heater
    Insect electrocutor
    Inspection handlamp
    Kitchen machine
    Lawn care appliance
    Light emitting semiconductor lamp (self-ballasted)
    Lampholder adaptor
    Liquid heating appliance
    Luminaire—portable type
    Massage appliance
    Microwave oven
    Miniature overcurrent circuit breaker
    Nightlight—mains socket-outlet mounted
    Outlet device
    Over blanket / Duvet / Wrap
    Power supply or charger
    Range hood
    Razor/hair clipper
    Refrigerating appliance
    Residual current device
    Room heater
    Socket-outlet with supply flexible cord
    Soldering iron
    Submersible pump
    Supply flexible cord
    Swimming pool/spa equipment
    Vacuum cleaner
    Wall switch
    Washing machine
    Water heater
  • Declared articles must comply with mandatory safety standards and must have a Certificate of Conformity. These products must display the RCM mark.


Voluntary Approvals

  • Applicable to all other electrical products not listed as declared or prescribed articles, or as level 3 equipment – included are most IT devices, audio video electronic products, air conditioners, all battery operated products, etc.
  • Products must be safe to use, comply with minimum safety requirements as set out in Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulations 2018 (NSW) and AS/NZS 3820:2020 Standard Essential safety requirements for low voltage electrical equipment, and can be granted a Certificate of Suitability (voluntary application).


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