APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION / MODIFICATION Electrical Product Safety Certification Scheme (EPSCS)

  • Electrical Product Safety Certification Scheme (EPSCS)

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  • Declaration by Approval/Certificate Holder

    I hereby declare: - that each article described above complies with the standards nominated, - that each article of the description specified above for which approval is hereby sought, is identical to the electrical article being the subject of the test reports attached, - that any modification to components, construction or design of the article will be notified to Certification Body Australia, and - that I agree and comply with the obligations set out in the CBA Terms and Conditions for certification services.
  • Declaration:

  • Certification Fees (excl. GST) – all prices in Australian dollars

    New application: 2,350.00
    Addendum: 480.00
    Renewal: 750.00
    Modification (non-technical change): 350.00

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