29 Nov

Decorative Christmas Lighting – safety tips to keep you and your family safe during the holiday season

Christmas Tree Lights

  • check old Christmas lights before re-using them
  • test lights before installation
  • make sure the power is off when installing Christmas lights or changing bulbs
  • do not piggybank double adaptors on powerboards
  • always turn off decorative lighting before going to bed or leaving the house
  • keep Christmas lights out of reach of children

Outdoor Lighting

  • when installing outdoor lights use only those designed for external use (generally these types will have a transformer)
  • always turn off outdoor lights during rain or storms
  • ensure that your outdoor connections are weatherproofed
  • do not piggybank double adaptors on powerboards
  • follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer
  • do not run electrical leads over doorways or through windows, over walkways or driveways where they may be damaged
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29 Nov

Safe Santa Checklist – Christmas shopping safety in-store or on-line …. check before you shop

Check before you shop:

  • No products on your shopping list have been recalled – Product Safety Australia
  • Any warning labels or safety information
  • Toys are age appropriate and that button batteries are secured. The battery compartment should be secured with a captive screw, bolt or other mechanism that requires a tool to gain access to the batteries or the compartment requires two or more independent AND simultaneous actions to remove its cover.
  • Check after Christmas – Product Safety Australia
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03 Nov

Check your detachable wall plugs to make sure that they are safe!

Over the past year several types of detachable wall plugs have been recalled as they have come apart exposing live wires and presenting a risk of electrical shock. The wall plugs should not come apart easily and the plug portion should not separate when removed from the power socket.

For more information please check the Recalls on the Product Safety Australia website.

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