14 Nov

NSW Fair Trading provides advice notice on Electrical Safety Certification for products with detachable plug portions.

NSW Fair Trading has provided a reminder notice to the Recognised External Accreditation Scheme (REAS) Certification Bodies, which includes CBA. The notice is to remind certifiers that there are some complexities with electrical articles with integral supply pins that are also supplied with detachable plug portions.

Allowed type: The above electrical article (power supply part) does not have any integral supply pins, and therefore does not trigger AS/NZS 3112 appendix J. However, once the Australian Plug Face is attached to the power supply, then AS/NZS 3112 appendix J is required.

Not allowed type: The above electrical article (power supply part) has integral supply pins that need to comply with AS/NZS 3112 appendix J. It does not comply with appendix J, regardless of any other detachable plug portions or travel adaptors also included with the electrical article at the time of sale.

What can I do to get assistance?

CBA can assist you with meeting your regulatory obligations and provide accredited safety certification.

If you would like to know more on how CBA can assist you with your regulatory requirements, please contact us on 61 2 9099-1557 or email Gunther at gtheisz@certificationbody.com.au or Colin at cpayne@certificationbody.com.au.

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