03 Dec

Button batteries to receive new guidance

Leaders from the consumer, services and product industry came together at Standards Australia recently to agree on the development of a button battery standard.

This decision follows an increase of concerned communities as the use of button batteries continues to rise in Australia. Known for being in children’s toys, button batteries can now be found in a much wider range of consumer products and are also sold as a standalone product.

“The outcome of this forum of members of the public, industry bodies and regulators including the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC), confirmed concerns around button batteries and the need to provide further guidance to address button batteries issues in a measured approach,” said Head of Stakeholder Engagement Daniel Chidgey.

“While there are some standards that reference these batteries, there is not yet any holistic guidelines for products with button batteries,” said Mr Chidgey.

“Button batteries can be found in a range of items including thermometers, remote controls, children’s toys and novelty items,” said Ms Barbara Geens, Chair of the Industry Working Group on Button Batteries Safety. “The goal of this proposed standard is to create a unified approach for safer use and distribution of these batteries which is an essential step in protecting consumers.”

“This is an example of Standards Australia proactively working with industry, government and the public to provide the right standards solutions to equip the consumer products, services and safety sector. We look forward to continuing to work with industry and the Australian community in developing this pivotal guidance,” concluded Mr. Chidgey.

Read more at: Standards Australia

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02 Dec

The number of product recalls in Australia has tripled over the last twenty years.

The number of product recalls in Australia has tripled over the last twenty years. That means millions of unsafe products that should have been stopped before they made it to stores, are now in our homes. 

We need laws that require businesses to proactively check that products are safe before selling them. It shouldn’t be up to us to discover a product is unsafe after we’ve bought it. That’s why we’ve made a submission to the Government calling for stronger product safety laws and to stop Australia becoming a dumping ground for dangerous products.

We’re trying to spread the news far and wide that our current product safety system is failing us and that we need urgent action. 

Not on social media? Why not email this link to our petition to a friend instead:

The growing number of recalls that happen each week means that it’s impossible for most people to keep track, so many of us might have dangerous products in our homes and not even know about it. Over sixty products have been recalled so far this month alone. 

Something has to change in our product safety system to stop people being harmed from unsafe products. We’re fighting for a general safety provision to stop further tragedies caused by unsafe products. After sustained pressure from thousands of people like you, the Government is now seriously considering it. 

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