29 Aug

Whitegoods – Ozone Depleting Gases, tips for importers and retailers

….. “Whitegoods importers and retailers must be vigilant about sourcing pre-charged (gassed) whitegoods to ensure Australia’s regulation standards are maintained. Not all whitegoods coming from overseas meet Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956, specifically Schedule 10. While overseas suppliers offer the goods for sale, it doesn’t mean they meet standards in Australia. The responsibility is on the Australian buyer or importer to source responsibly. For large quantities of whitegoods, obtain the required permit from the Department of Environment and Energy. For small quantities exempt from permits, know your limits on quantity and gases permitted.”

Read the full article in Appliance Retailer for August 2017.

Details of Ozone Depleting Substance/Synthetic Greeenhouse Gas Equipment Licences (EQPL) and requirements are available on the Department of Environment and Energy website.

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