13 Jul

New rules regarding the supply of electrical and electronic equipment in New Zealand

In August 2022, WorkSafe NZ published new regulatory (gazette) notices that apply to high risk and medium risk electrical and electronic equipment supplied in New Zealand. These commenced on 1 January 2023.

Some of the key requirements in the regulatory notices are:

  • All single-phase appliances must be marked with either 230V, or with a voltage range that includes 230V. All three-phase appliances must be marked with either 400V, or with a voltage range that includes 400V.
  • All certified appliances must have a unique certification marking, issued as part of the certification process. The RCM is not recognised in NZ for electrical safety certification.
  • Testing and certification must be carried out to confirm the safety and compliance of the equipment at 230V (or 400V if three-phase equipment).
  • Where the applicable testing standard requires testing at the most unfavourable voltage of a range, the determination of most unfavourable voltage must be made independently for each testing clause and documented in the test report.
  • A test report may not be used for electrical safety compliance if it is older than 5 years.


More detailed information on the regulatory notices can be found on the WorkSafe New Zealand website at https://www.worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/electricity/appliances-and-fittings/new-rules-regarding-the-supply-of-declared-articles-in-new-zealand/.

If you would like to know more on how CBA can assist you with your regulatory requirements, please contact us on 61 2 9099-1557 or email Gunther at gtheisz@certificationbody.com.au or Colin at cpayne@certificationbody.com.au.


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