11 Jul

Transition period for LTE/5G Telecoms mobile device standards ending in December 2023

In December 2022, the ACMA made changes to the Telecommunications (Labelling Notice for Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Instrument 2015 to give regulatory effect to the Telecommunications (Mobile Equipment Air Interface) Technical Standard 2022.

The Mobile Equipment Air Interface Standard 2022 updated the industry standards to AS/CA S042.1:2022 (general requirements), AS/CA S042.4:2022 (LTE requirements) and AS/CA S042.5:2022 (5G requirements). The Mobile Equipment Air Interface Standard 2022 provided a 12-month transition period, during which devices can comply with the existing industry standards, or the newly mandated 2022 industry standards.

This transition period will end in December 2023. From then on, only the 2022 industry standards can be used for compliance with the Mobile Air Interface Standard.

Applicable Industry Standards

During transition period From December 2023
General Requirements (all mobile devices)

AS/CA S042.1:2020 or AS/CA S042.1:2022

General Requirements (all mobile devices)

AS/CA S042.1:2022

LTE (3G/4G) capable devices

AS/CA S042.4:2018 or AS/CA S042.4:2022

LTE (3G/4G) capable devices

AS/CA S042.4:2022

5G capable devices

Carrier permission to connect a 5G device or AS/CA S042.5:2022

5G capable devices

AS/CA S042.5:2022

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